Take Cover!

The Hound Handler® makes for easy dog walking, alleviating strain on your wrist through our patent pending leash cover.


Get a Grip!

This is a simple solution for dogs that love to dart. Instead of winding a leash around your wrist, grip on tight with our non-slip padded cover.

The Dog Days are Over!

Less wrangling, more walking. Great for training hyper dogs, without ruining the leash or your poor hands.

Our Goal

The Hound Handler® is a comfortable way to walk your dog while protecting your wrist and hands, improving your grip, and making your walking experience more enjoyable. Dogs are our companions, our friends, and our furry babies! Yet, sometimes we are reminded that they are wild and have instincts that cause them to pull us on a walk. Even a small dog can pull unexpectedly, and in that moment hurt our hand by twisting the leash around it. This motion can cause rope burn, bruising, and strain. Sometimes the tugging force of your dog can even cause your hand to release, leaving the dog free and running into a dangerous situation. The Hound Handler was invented to help with these scenarios. It helps improve your grip and soften the tension around the owner’s hand and wrist. Using the Hound Handler is a simple way to enhance your day and maybe more walks will make your pup happier too!

How does it work?