About Us

Patricia Denny


Having been a mother, daughter, sister, and wife, I’ve been a problem solver my whole life. I always had to figure out how to get it all done! So here I am. I’m finally launching a business I’m passionate about, that can really help busy people like me walk their dogs.

I have been struggling with small fiber neuropathy for 8-9 months. It has caused weakness and pain in both my hands and arms. While searching for answers, I had to find ways to manage the pain. During this process, I had to find a way to walk my crazy dog!

If you knew my dog, Moose, you would understand that being a hound dog means he gets a scent and takes off! Naturally, this was making walks miserable. I couldn’t hold tight, and wrapping the leash caused rope burn and strain. Not being able to find what I needed, I invented it.

Along the way, I have discovered more and more people who could benefit from the Hound Handler®. It wasn’t just the run of the mill rowdy dog that needed to be trained. The Hound Handler can help anyone needing a better grip…in my case it was a physical condition. It might be a child with smaller hands or simply the luxury of comfort. The Hound Handler is a durable faux leather, backed with soft flannel, and easily wipes clean when needed.
Even the best dog has his day. I would always advise training your pup not to pull, but for the few times excitement gets the better of them, or simply for your own comfort on long walks…a Hound Handler is your hand’s best friend.

Rachael Smith

CMO/Social Media Manager

Daughter of Patricia and life-long dog lover, Rachael aims to use her social media prowess to launch Hound Handler and reach all the puppy-petting hands it can help. She has a background in business management and social media marketing, and always aims to help small businesses with their online presence.

In her spare time, Rachael is a crafter, dog mom to an adorable corgi, and t.v./movie buff. You’ll usually find her in her natural habitat-in front of a screen with snacks.


Canine Muse

Moose, or simply “Moo” as his friends call him, is a rebellious little guy with a taste for adventure and a hound dog nose for it too. He was rescued from a shelter as a pup, and is thought to be a Beagle/Corgi mix. He is honored to be the inspiration for his mother’s invention, and promises to TRY not to eat people’s shoes while she’s making them.

In his spare time Moose likes to chew on antlers (a little cannibalistic for his namesake?), bug his stepbrother Romo, and watch t.v. from the comfort of his mother’s lap.